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Just my Expression :)

#Alhamdulillaah. Big thanks to Allaah for this acceptance. And I just realize there is No revision required. #heppi.

Thank you my beloved mother for your supports, love, and du’a, for my professor, and for every one who have encourage and support me (nyu nia as my lovely friends who always give POM POM to me, mas aak, mb anis, my friends from BEM ITS (irma, hanif, tyo’, aldila, ayu, mb dhila, randika), mas defa for letting me use your laboratory PC, mas samsul, mbak inggi, Β and others. I am sorry i can not mention you one by one). Hopefully Allaah will give something better more and more for you all.

Such a beautiful gift given by Him as a way to cheerup me in this hard situation alone.

But I still have 1 month more for another battle, and less than 3 months for the real battle.



.: Even though there is no one understand, you still have Allaah. You still have places for sujood :.

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