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My memory of 1105

Suddenly, i got surprise. Two day ago i got a package from Irma, one of my lovely friends in Indonesia. She is one of my partners in Executive Organization, in my previous college. Is there anything left? Book? Or something? That’s what I am thinking about.

After I opened the package, I realized something. Ya Robbi. How lucky i am. I have a very wonderful friends and family. I am just too lucky to have you all as my precious family. Thank you for remembering my day irmaa, mommy, om ak, hanif,, oktaaa.


(This is the letter from them 🙂


(Those are the gift from them. Two beautiful clothes :*)


(This is the caricature of my beloved mom and endut adlan ~ :v)

I got a phone from my mother. It was very rare too. Hiks. Alhamdulillaah 🙂

And also for the video. That’s so funny, ups, cute :v. I don’t know where you got all those photos -_-“. Xie xie haniif, irma, and oktaa, all my geje’s partner ~ X)

Jazakumullaah khoiron katsiron. The special one for all my MA004 E-business laboratory of Industrial Management. So suddenly, you cooked something to me, together this day, in early morning. Although, it was only with several ingredient. It suprised me because you all said, it was for me. #speechless.
912212_608680585810502_2051468545_n  912255_608685805809980_946026209_n

911604_608684709143423_633006890_n  913086_608680279143866_2117083419_n

912299_608712915807269_1299986085_n p 962791_608713839140510_298332446_n

And, also For all Indonesia student in NTUST campus. Xie xie ni for the lovely doraemon.. Kyaa. I can use it for sleep, this lovely bedcov. I hope I will not sleep too long with it ~ X)
164290_10151590434019250_743140471_n   942325_10151590433724250_1908583170_n 487609_10151590433909250_336242073_n
But the most important thing from all of you are your du’a, friends. I hope I can be better than before, not only for myself, but also for others. Hope Allaah will always give His ridho to me. I remember Lilik’s said, “hope you can remember Al Qur’an ayaah ~”. Aamiin 😥 #speechless.again.

Yeah, let’s be better. LETS BE A CANDLE in the dark, and the sun in the morning. #FIGHT

And too all my beloved friends in Indonesia, jazakumullaah khoiron katsiron for all your du’a for me.. :*

(You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. .:Hanif:.)



.: Even though there is no one understand, you still have Allaah. You still have places for sujood :.

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