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In order to master your sleep during Ramadan, you need to master 4 main elements of sleep:

Master Your Sleep Routine:

Do you have a sleep routine? If not, get into the habit of one this Ramadan. article I described the ‘ideal’ ProductiveMuslim sleep routine that starts 90 minutes before you actually hit the bed. It goes like this:

9:30PM – Wudhu & Witr
10:00PM – Reading (Optional)
10:30PM – Sleep Duas & Recitation of Quran
11:00PM – Shut Eye!

The routine above helps you prepare for sleep both physically and spiritually and is from the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and from certain personal development science findings. Try the above routine and let me know how you feel.

Master your Sleep Cycle:

If you want to be a true sleep master, you need to understand and master your sleep cycle. We’ve described the sleep pattern in brief and different stages that one goes through when he/she sleeps. As a starting point, most people go through their entire sleep cycles in one hour and a half periods. Do your best to sleep a multiple of this, e.g. If you sleep at 11.00PM and need to wake up at 4.00AM for Suhoor, you should technically sleep for 3×1.5 hrs and wake up at 3.30am.

Now sometimes, you wake up a bit too early from the intended time? Eg. In the example above, you wake up at 3.30am when you really need to wake up at 4.00am. Rather than ignoring your sleep pattern and trying to sleep right through to 4.00am thus waking up in the middle of your sleep cycle which can be difficult, my suggestion would be to wake up at 3.30am, get out of bed, move around a bit, then go back to sleep for another 20 minute nap till 4.00am. What you’re doing here is completely disconnecting one sleep pattern from the other.

Master Power Naps:

Nothing beats a 20 minute nap for a true energy booster, and this works in Ramadan and outside Ramadan. If you’re ever tired and need some rest but don’t want to sleep too much, take a 20 minute nap (and make sure you stick to 20 minutes!) and you’ll wake up totally refreshed. I’ll be honest, there’s only 1 way to master 20 minute naps: practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the better you’ll become at it. There are certain softwares and audio files that can help you practice this (e.g. but once you master this technique, you wouldn’t need these softwares or audio files.

Regarding when’s best time to nap, there’s a couple of time’s that are known from the Sunnah:

1. Between athan and Iqama of Fajr
2. Before/After Dhuhur

Master Your Body:

Mastering sleep is all about mastering the relationship between you and your body and what it needs. Make sure you’re not too strict upon your body that it shuts down or gets ill thus refusing to work with you (happens at times!) or too relaxed with your body that sleep simply takes over your life.Treat your body as you treat a child: always listen to it, but never do what it always tells you to do but do what’s right for it.

Few other pointers regarding sleep, the following pointers would help improve your quality of sleep, which is very important during Ramadan and beyond:

When NOT to sleep!

The following times have been advised for us NOT to sleep in, either from hadeeths of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) or scholars: between true dawn (when the time for Fajr salah sets in) and sunrise, between Maghrib and Isha, and after Asr prayer.

Sleep Positions

It is recommended to sleep on the right side while facing the Qibla and keeping the right hand placed under the right cheek as per the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Sleeping on the left side or lying on the stomach is disliked and thus should be avoided.

Always sleep with wudhu

It is also important to maintain cleanliness when sleeping. We should: ”Sweep the beds at the time of sleeping, so that any harmful insects settled in it may be thrown away and you may remain safe from harm.” It is a good idea to sweep your pillow, also:

– Brush your teeth
– Go to the bathroom
– Cleanse yourself from sweat and unpleasant odors before sleeping
– Make wuhdu

Try out all these tips to help you master your sleep this ramadan and share the difference it makes to your day below! 🙂




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